“Gee, Haw” – the stockmen of the plains drive the four-ox wagon using these two words.
This movie seeks to show the viewer the day-to-day life of stockmen, wranglers – the people of Hortobágy. Our protagonists were taken in as children by the plains, which – they say – once captivates you, keeps you forever. Through the intimate, honest interviews we get a glimpse of the part of their lives which usually remains hidden – as if peeping through the keyhole.
Owing to the time spent in the field and the mutual trust we built, we explored such topics as time, the relativity of the course of one’s life, commitment, fear of passing away and the relationship of men living a hard life to their women.
The short stories give us a peek of the laconic or smart old shepherds, the hardships of the life in the wilderness and the frequently appearing humor, which runs through the life of these tough men living in the ruthless Hortobágy plains. Besides the interviews, we will show you the most beautiful parts of the wilderness surrouding Hortobágy, the grazing animals, the galloping herd, the crowds of black and white racka sheep and the tame but fearsome grey cattle, which are guided by their skilled herdsmen with only words, without a rein, which is unique in the world.
The Hortobágy plains is an island of the past worth remembering and watching, and if we do not attempt to save it, it will fade into oblivion, along with its people and their stories.
“Wranglers of the wild east have never been to the Wild West but believe and claim that life in Hortobágy has been hard and still is.”
2018-2020 Hortobágy Máta puszta.